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Vital Mental Medicine: a call to arms (well, words)

The purpose of the Shackleton Company is To Inspire and Equip the Modern Pioneer. Words can do both, efficiently and, above all, at no cost.

So, what inspires you to keep pressing on when it would be easier to just let it lie? Sir Ernest, we'd imagine: his example, his words, his legacy. But you're a well-read, much-inspired person. The Boss can't be the only one to get your dander up.

Perhaps it's Roosevelt, with his "Man in the Arena;" perhaps Churchill with his promise of impromptu battle grounds including (but not limited to) beaches, streets and hills. Or maybe Maximus Decius Meridius with a simple "Strength and honour" and a gloved fist to the breast, no less inspiring for being (spoiler alert) almost definitely fictional.

Sir Ernest was a great one for the passionate poetic push. His particular favourite was Robert Browning, which is why his gravestone (and many of our products) carry the words: 'I hold that a man should strive to the uttermost for his life's set prize.'

Shackleton's reading material in his cabin onboard Endurance. The wall on the left shows a framed print of Rudyard Kipling's poem 'If', which Shackleton carried with him on to the ice floe when the ship sank. (Photo: RGS-IBG)

Keeping this all in mind, with your help we're pulling together a slim volume of inspirational words to be distributed free and carried into the daily battle. Here's what to do.

1. Think of the words that have inspired you (up to 200), and who first used them;

2. Consider (if appropriate) any stirring deeds you went on to commit as a result;

3. Email these to, with your name and approximate location;

4. Be sure to include your full address if you'd like a copy of the final edition sent to you. No charge, naturally.


For now, a couple to start you off.

I must lose myself in action, lest I wither in despair - Alfred Tennyson

Eat my shorts - Bart Simpson


We're willing to wager you can do a great deal better than that.

So, proceed.

Yours in anticipation,

The Shackleton Company.