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    Shackleton is one of the trio of great names from the ‘Heroic Age of Polar Exploration’, alongside Scott (UK) and Amundsen (Norway).

    Sir Ernest was distinct from each. He was born in Ireland and educated in England. He was a romantic, surviving on his wits and incredible personal charisma. Thoroughly non-establishment, and with no real Polar training, he nevertheless had a remarkably human touch and earthy personality which made him extraordinarily popular and managed to impress backers for his vision of achievement and endeavour.

    The achievements and magnetic personality of “The Boss” are legendary. He had a unique ability to inspire others to achieve the apparently impossible. 100 years after his greatest endeavours, the world still marvels at Shackleton’s life and character. New books are still written about him; academics from the world's best universities decode his techniques; his well-documented style of inspirational leadership is still taught today at Harvard Business School.