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    Aldo Kane

    Introducing Mr Aldo Kane, shown here attired in the Shackleton Signature Sweater.

    Joining the Royal Marines at 16, Aldo developed the true Commando spirit of courage, determination and cheerfulness in adversity and has served in 'all the usual hot places’ around the world over the last 15 years. These days he specialises in safety, survival, security and risk management services to the TV & Film industry through his business VerticalPlanet.tv.  

    In the last year alone, Aldo has worked in 26 countries in a variety of environments including mountains, deserts, jungles and of course the frozen poles. Aldo is the holder of at least four ‘firsts’ including being part of a crew that rowed from Europe to mainland South America in 2016.

    A highly experienced climber, diver and skydiver, his TV work includes multiple Hollywood movies and Natural History documentaries.

    Aldo is currently working in the DR Congo. Perched on the rim of Mount Nyriagongo above the world's largest lava lake he is about to abseil into the erupting volcano, protected by kit from The Shackleton Company.