Performance classics
in Merino super-wool

The Merino is an extreme sheep. Mountain-reared over centuries to stand the 35 degree heat of mid summer and the minus 20 depths of winter, it is a true natural wonder. Its secret lies in the fibres of its coat: Merino wool repels water from the outside and retains moisture from the inside, wicking it away from the skin. In the freezing months, the hollow fibres trap a layer of warm air close to the body, in the sweltering sun they release excess heat.


Our Shackleton McNish Merino crew-neck pullovers are the best you can buy, offering classic style, high levels of soft comfort and a proper performance upgrade for the serious outdoorsman.

Polar Knitwear

Some jumpers last a season, others a lifetime. It’s all in the quality of the yarn and the knit. British-made Shackleton knitwear is the best you can buy. Polar explorers still sing the praises of wool over modern synthetics: it’s warmer, dries faster, looks better, lasts longer and starts with an actual sheep. Few fall in love with a fleece mid-layer.
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