Tom Hardy to star as Shackleton in major movie release



After months of keeping tight-lipped, we're thrilled at today's public announcement that British actor Tom Hardy will play Sir Ernest in a forthcoming movie from StudioCanal, written by Peter Straughan. 


Earlier in the year, producers met and shared their plans with Alexandra Shackleton who was happy to lend her support.


All Shackleton fans and followers will be excited that this movie will introduce millions of people to The Boss and his inspiring story.

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Robert Bunes MD
Robert Bunes MD

15 November 2016

I’m a great Shackleton fan. I was on the USCG Glacier in 1970 as the ship’s doctor when we were drapped deep in the Weddell Sea within 70 miles from where ES was beset. I’ve just finished writing a book about it. Looking forward to the movie.

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