The Shackleton symphony

If you're a Shackleton devotee (and we assume you are)... this is pure gold.

We were delighted to attend the recent launch of the Shackleton Symphony by composer Paul Frith, recorded by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at Air Studios, London.



Collectors' edition boxed set. 


This hugely moving and evocative work is arranged over four movements: Proceed, Endurance, The Voyage of the James Caird and The Whaling Station and was played out in the presence of The Hon. Alexandra Shackleton, accompanied by moving footage and images from the ITAE.

Paul's symphony has already received critical praise...
"Like Shackleton, this symphony can be fearless and even bombastic at times, but there are also moments of reverence and the simple wonder of discovery..." PJF.

Especially created for the faithful is this extraordinarily beautiful collectors' edition boxed set containing the four LPs, books and postcards, housed in a wooden heritage packing case.

You can examine the box and listen to excerpts by visiting

It's an immensely sensitive and reverent offering that every Shackleton followers should carefully examine and consider buying.

Congratulations to Paul, Ross, Ted and all the guys involved in creating this incredible tribute to The Boss.


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