SPEAR17 approaching Shackleton Glacier

58 days into their epic expedition, leader Lou Rudd reports from Antarctica about the challenging conditions and the poignant moment they passed Henry Worsely's final camp site.
With temperatures as low as -42°C and strong winds throughout the day, the team achieved a distance of 17.5 nautical miles. Lou reported, "...we’re pleased considering the conditions."

Expedition leader, Lou Rudd

Lou and his crew passed Henry's final camp (positioned at South 82 degrees, 22 minutes) around midday, almost a year after his tragic death. "Today was a very poignant and significant day for us as a team," said Lou.

Lou with Henry Worsley at the South Pole in January 2012

Henry was attempting an unsupported solo traverse of Antarctica. As he was closing in on achieving the incredible feat, he became very ill and after camping for 4 days he finally called for help and was airlifted to a hospital in Chile where he tragically died two days later.

Henry's route across Antarctica

Henry with the Duke of Cambridge (Patron of the expedition - raising money for the Endeavour Fund) days before he set off
Lou and his team are very close to reaching Shackleton Glacier, where they will descend from the Polar plateau and onto the Ross Ice shelf to complete their incredible journey.

We wish SPEAR17 all the very best for the last few miles and look forward to seeing them when they safely return to the UK. As Shackleton himself said - "Optimism is true moral courage".

Find out more about SPEAR 17 by visiting www.spear17.org.

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