Shackleton Signature Jumper at the South Pole...almost


The six man team of SPEAR17 (from the British Army Reserves) are in Antarctica, attempting to ski over 1,100 miles unsupported across the polar continent to the Geographic South Pole. Once at the Pole, the team will receive a re-supply of rations and fuel and continue onwards over the Titan Dome, down the Shackleton Glacier and onto the Ross Ice Shelf to complete a full traverse of Antarctica. This is a feat achieved by only six people.


The team before they left the UK, wearing our Shackleton Signature jumper.


The team are making great progress and have just crossed 83 degrees south on the 57th Anniversary of the signing of the Antarctic Treaty. 



As a proud supporter of the expedition we've been following their progress closely. In today's blog report from the ice, crew member, Chris Brooke commented that, "...Jamie’s feet absolutely stink rotten to be honest, probably because they’re bleeding every day with the blisters he’s got, but he’s a happy chappy – he’s been wearing a Shackleton jumper all day so he’s still smiling...".



Signature Jumper as worn by Jamie & the rest of the crew.


You can follow their progress at

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