Shackleton expedition medal set to sell for £60,000


Victor Hayward was a member of a shore party left stranded when their ship, The Aurora, was blown out to sea in a blizzard in May 1915. The ten members of the crew were left to endure little food or fuel, but hayward became crucial in their survival by hunting seals for food.



Hayward (back row, second from left) with the Ross sea party crew in 1914 and far left (sitting) in the next image.


Hayward also saved the lives of two colleagues by hauling them onto a sled after they collapsed due to illness.



The Ross sea party was tasked with laying a series of supply depots across the continent, as part of Shackleton's Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition.



Expedition leader, Sir Ernest Shackleton.


On May 1916, Hayward disappeared after he set out across the frozen McMurdo sound to reach a base camp. Never to be seen again.


The seven survivors from the Ross sea party were finally rescued by Shackleton in January 1917.


Hayward was posthumously awarded the Albert Medal for Gallantry, which was a forerunner of the George Cross. The decoration as well as his Polar medal have now been put up for sale by a private collector at an auction house in London on 8th December, where it is expected to fetch up to £60,000.


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