Antarctic Endurance 2016

Antarctic Endurance 2016


At Shackleton we are always proud to support people and adventures of enduring character, and we are delighted to have made friends with the team of Antarctic Endurance 2016.


The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Antarctic Endurance 2016 is a 2-year research programme looking at team dynamics and performance, centred on a 6-week sailing and mountaineering expedition to the Antarctic and South Georgia in January/February 2016, a century on from Shackleton’s extraordinary recovery from the Weddell Sea.


Exercise Antarctic Endurance 2016 (the Adventurous Training Exped) will take place between 18 Jan and 29 Feb 16, sailing from Stanley in the Falklands and returning there, having taken passage into the Weddell Sea, made landings on the east coast of the Antarctic Peninsula and Elephant Island before sending a team overland from King Haakon Bay to Stromness in South Georgia. 



Throughout this 6-week adventure, there will be research conducted into leadership and team dynamics and data collected on climate, environment and hydrography on behalf of BAS, Cambridge and Plymouth Universities and the UK Hydrographic Office. 


The 11 Service participants will be made up of a core team of qualified and experienced sailors and mountaineers, with a crew of 6 RN and RM personnel in the first 5 years of their careers.  The outcome of the leadership research, being coordinated by Professor Andrew St George, will provide information on team selection, leadership fatigue, team dynamics and the concept of the ‘Life Changing Experience’ for use by the RN, wider MOD and business.


A fine adventure... and kitted out of course in fine Shackleton British-made Shackleton Replica sweaters!

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