Henry Worsley

Henry Worsley


A huge amount has been written about British explorer Henry Worsley since his tragic death on January 24th.


We will not try to recount the coverage here. We do however wish to pay respectful tribute to the extraordinary ambition and spirit of the man who came so close to being the first to cross the Antarctic continent solo and unaided.


Like Ernest Shackleton himself, Henry Worsley ultimately missed out on the supreme moment of triumph of reaching his declared goal. But to judge an adventure by that narrow criterion is perhaps to miss the point of adventure itself.


Henry Worsley's great achievement was to live and to act in the same spirit of optimism and vision as his hero: to set a goal and to strive towards it with every ounce of physical and moral energy. 


As Shackleton himself famously declared: "Optimism is true moral courage."


Truly great adventures, adventures of a quality that can inspire fellow human beings in every field of endeavour across the world, are built on this moral courage.


Henry Worsley embodied it.


Click here for more information on Henry Worsley's expedition and his extraordinary fundraising for the Endeavour Fund.

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