Handmade British Banjos

Shackleton himself described the banjo as "vital mental medicine" and insisted on rescuing the expedition banjo when his ship Endurance was crushed and sunk by Antarctic pack ice in 1915. A century later we build fine quality hand-made British banjos, in our own factory in Norwich, Norfolk, inspired by the morale-boosting role of that great expedition's banjo.

Look at what you get with a Shackleton banjo, starting from just £599:

    • Genuine British design and craftsmanship from skilled luthiers (we don't just assemble banjos... we make banjos)
    • Traditional hand-built construction methods (no production line, no CNC, no robots)
    • Superb quality tonewoods from sustainable resources
    • Unique design (our banjos don't look like all the cheap 'me too' banjos from China)
    • Unrivalled transferable 6-year warranty
    • Free UK shipping
    • The best value: 99% of our instruments are only available direct from us
    • The confidence of buying direct from a trusted British company 

See our full banjo range below. Click here for more information on why you should choose a Shackleton banjo.